Manifesto 21

Hi! We are Entente Goods,

a group of friends running a progressive blading equipment company in the north of Bavaria.

Are we a big uber-relevant skate brand? Nah, not even close.

Do we want to be? No way. We only aim to be the best.

All of our products are made to compliment you and your wheel performance.

We believe in making our goods smart, minimalist & versatile.

Straight from our cellar to your home spot, we run our direct shop for the best quality at a fair price.

We focus on small local production runs and use the highest environmental standards in everything we do.

Blade nerds with a hippie attitude, functional sustainability with a post-growth economy approach.

With 25+ years blading experience & 10+ years blade industry work under our belt,

we know what we do and, more importantly, what we will not do.

Skipping the gimmicks, we go straight towards helpful tools.

We collaborate with like minded blade friends and brands.

It’s boring alone, innit blood, and we only grow if we work together.

Or, how an ancient Greek philosopher probably once said:

one hand waxes the other.