We feel that the micro influencer blade biz, hollow testimonies about oh-so-great product qualities, misused advertising space and empty promises are poop.


We at Entente Goods prefer self-contained thinking, networked and reflected action-taking skaters. Correct, we put Entente Goods in here, too, just for you, Google!


Feedback about our stuff? Just stick to your pals and we believe in their unbiased word-of-mouth recommendations. Look out what happens at the few street contests. We thank you right away.


Eugen, Daniel, Rudi and Manu help & test since day one and we are forever thankful. Witze is our official manmade Austrian embassy. Felix, Bartek and Dirk are the most active non-active flow team we could have asked for. Our rookie Harry spreads the spirit throughout his world trips. Mark is trying to keep it running and Soma's Michi is sketching the lovely logos.

Want to get our goods, but are located outside the EU: Our close friends from Poland at Hedonskate got a solution for all international Entente needs. Dzieki, Mirek! 




Friends, Support, Kumpel, Amigos.

Homies, Freunde & wheel heroes:


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Soma Athletics

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Michael Witzemann



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Mark Heuss

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