Welcome to the dilemma of creating true value:

While rejecting the common marketing strategy of using gifted & charismatic skaters as little tin gods to help push sales, Entente Goods still does happily support a few human beings.

Do not purchase our rollerblading products simply because the following fine individuals sometimes do. These lads are neither washed-up micro influencers nor misused advertising spaces nor hollow testimonial machines. These people are our long time friends and only therefore crucial parts of our little project:


Eugen Enin, Daniel Enin, Alex Rudolf and Manuel Weber help & test since day one. Michael Witzemann is our official manmade Austrian embassy. Jens Küfner has been providing the most helpful feedback and endless support, mostly unquestioned. Felix Strosetzki, Bartek Zientek and Dirk Oelmann are the most active non-active Berlin flow team we could have asked for. Our rookie Harry Can cheats his way throughout all of his world trips and the Polishtuguese legend of Mirek sometimes helps out in international waters. Mark Heuss desperately tries to keep everything running smoothly, Christian Feichtmeier brilliantly cobbles the plastic sculptures and Soma's Michi Weinlein is concerned about the neat looks.
Thank you, obrigado, merci dir!

For unbiased feedback about Entente Goods, please just stick to your own pals and believe in their honest word-of-mouth recommendations. We thank you right away.




Friends, Support, Kumpel, Amigos.

Homies, Freunde & wheel heroes:


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Michael Witzemann


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