Manifesto 23


Fine, fair and fancy blading equipment,
designed and manufactured in Bavaria since 2020.


We are Entente Goods,
a progressive rollerblading company,
located in a tiny Bavarian town called Speichersdorf.

Are we a big relevant skate brand?
Not even close.

Do we want to be? No way.

We only aim to be the best.

All our goods are made to compliment you and your inline skating performance.

We believe in making our products smart, minimalist & versatile.

Instead of gimmicks, we provide a maximum quality at a fair price,
directly from our warehouse to your local spot.


We focus on small local production runs and devote
all of our actions to the highest environmental standards.
Blade nerds with a hippie attitude, functional sustainability
with a holistic post-growth economy approach.
(Buzz word mayhem, made while day drinking)


We collaborate with and support a wide range of like minded
blade friends, projects, contests, podcasts and brands.
It’s boring alone and we only grow if we work together.
Or, how an ancient Greek philosopher probably once said:

one hand waxes the other.