Diridari Frames

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Diridari Frames

The third version of the Entente DIRIDARI frame is our doctoral thesis plus golden effort-stars in skateology: a minimal and 100% functional flat frame, crafted out of the perfect material, made in Germany.

Key features (V3):
Ride flat up to 58mm, minimal height, 122mm wide split, beefed up walls, optimized shape, smart groove with wheel bite protection, precisely crafted aluminum parts, premium material quality.
All done by one highly skilled Bavarian master craftsman.


Six months in limbo, we got lower. Less wasted space for more control. 62.5mm total height when riding 58mm diameter wheels.

Not too deep, not too shallow, not too wide, not too narrow. Controlled grinding on cloud 9 without getting shifted towards your hungry middle wheels. We just love that groove!
Split between middle wheels: 122mm.
Carefully flattened out 4mm wheel bite protection to the outside of the groove.

Polymer party:
Precisely CNC-cut POM synthetic plastic. Low-wear, long lasting, extremely fast & very rigid. Solid & stable base for an optimized power transfer.
Our POM is more expensive and it is well worth it.
Manufactured in Bavaria by the superstars of the CNC-scene: AxyzS / Schnitt-Kraft.

Axel axles, Schorsch bolts & frame spacer:
Galvanized 8mm axles and bolts for straightforward and fast wheel changes, using only one allen key.
Perfectly fitting 8mm alu frame spacers will let your wheels roll freely. It sounds so obvious, everyone will do this.

Colorless Technology:
Highly concentrated marketing bla bla about pigments without much function. In black. That's like white, just darker.

S - 252mm
M - 264mm
L - 276mm

Wheel size setups:
FLAT: max. 58mm (with ScrewUFS bolts)
max. 57mm (with regular fat UFS bolts)
Anti-Rocker: Have you heard about our Larifari frames yet?

Mini bolt bag:
Every package comes with a bag of four high quality 14mm UFS bolts.

Eco bag:
Your DIRIDARI is packed in a 2-piece cotton bag. Use it long term to sort out your socks & store fruits.

2 x Diridari Frame
8 x Axel axles
8 x Schorsch bolts
16 x alu frame spacer
1 x Mini bolt bag
1 x Eco bag